And, the Student of the Year is Chris Will!!!

I want to start off with an apology for the hiatus I took from blogging, but I’m back and ecstatic to report that Chris has been given the honor of Student of the Year in the Speech department. For those of you that know Chris, his speech has been extremely limited to absent. He’s tried countless speech approaches, such as sign language, computer-based Rosetta Stone, many AAC devices, Visual boards, PECs, BUT the one that I am starting to see marked strides in language in is the iPad mini using a program called Proloquo2Go.

I was informed yesterday that Chris will be reading a graduation speech during the ceremony. The pride, joy, happiness and sense of accomplishment that displayed on his face when his teacher gave me the news was priceless! His face beamed like the sun, and his eyes twinkled like stars in the sky!

Good job, son, and I look forward to the day (if it shall come) when you are able to “talk my ears off” like your sister! But, if that day never comes, (and it does not come for many) I will remain just as happy to hear the words you have today.



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