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Movie Theaters & Autism

I started taking my child with autism to the movies at a very young age, because I wanted to provide him with an outlet for entertainment when he was older. As with any child, it was difficult. Initially, he would face his body towards the projector to watch the streaming lights instead of the film itself. But, after many years and lots of reinforcement to stay seated, it is now one of his favorite outings.

AMC theaters offers “Sensory Films” once a month for children with autism who are not able to tolerate a typical movie screening. In these showings, the lights are on and the sound is adjusted, and it is okay (even encouraged) for children to get up, walk around or dance during the film.



2 thoughts on “Movie Theaters & Autism

  1. I was really worried about how my son would do at theaters. I love going out to movies and it’s something I really wanted to share with him. We started out with the kids movies at the dollar theater. It’s a kids movie so everyone there is either a kid, or with one, or creepy. Just ignore that guy. So they understand and expect kids to act up. And it’s only a dollar so if it doesn’t work out, you leave and go get some ice cream instead. Luckily my son turned out to be a theater aficionado, as long as he gets his red vines.
    For those on the spectrum the theater is like a magic place. A pocket universe where you can slip out of an existence of uncomfortable participation and into a world of comfortable observation. It’s the one place where we can participate socially by being quiet.

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