Goodreads Book Review by Amanda

Chris Will… The Story of a Boy and Autism Unawareness 
by Beatriz Fox (Goodreads Author) 

Amanda’s review Mar 21, 13
5 of 5 stars
Read from March 18 to 21, 2013 — I own a copy

A great, and inspiring, story! Not only a story of a boy with autism, but also the story of his mother; and what she had to endure and overcome, with her children. I think everyone should read this book. A story and a way to raise awareness. 4.5 stars

This poem (from the book) sums things up rather nicely.

The Story of a Boy
“Metaphorically: Gagged and bound
His voice makes limited sounds; His voice is blind
Yet spoken thoughts converse in his mind – Plots to unbind
Dreams of his speech and spoken words
Are these thoughts absurd
He bears witness to those who take for granted their speech
His dreams of vocal expression out of reach (for now)
He temporarily finds his voice in a SCREAM
Why does everyone frown, while he beams
They want to bring him DOWN, Down, down
If the tables were turned; and they in turned yearned to find their voice Perhaps they would see the beauty of a scream
And/or attempt to discern what it may mean
I believe the boy is finding his voice more each day
Maybe tomorrow he’ll have more to say”

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