Allergy Testing

Skin Prick Test

Yesterday, I took Christopher to see his current Allergist.  She said that the Skin Prick Testing is only 40-60 percent indicative that he is “truly” allergic to a food.
The most reliable test, in her opinion, is to give him the food that shows an allergic reaction, and closely observe him to see if he has any itching, discomfort, hives or throat closing…
With a child that is non-verbal, this is not a very easy task unless his reactions are severe.  And, in the event that his reactions are severe, a true allergic reaction is a scary thing to handle for all those involved.

3 thoughts on “Allergy Testing

  1. I feel for him and all the other people like him in the world. My son also have mentel disabilty. I love him with all of my heart.It took along time for me.too.accept the situation.They are apart of our world and so many feel left out. I got so mad when I found out that some insurance company wouldn’t give a person insurace due to ne mentally illness,Iy is not there fault.More is needed for them. I pray for thrm all,hope one day life will be better for all! All of us have too fight for abetter life for them.

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